Sector Meetings organized by OGG

Sector Meetings organized by OGG

During March, the Office for Good Governance in the framework of sectoral meetings based on the Strategy and Action Plan for Roma and Ashkali Communities in the Kosovo Society 2017-2021 organized sectoral meetings with relevant ministry officials, focal points of the Regional Co-operation Council and civil society organizations in relation to the implementation of activities in the sector of Employment and Social Welfare, Health and Housing, of the Strategy and Action Plan for the inclusion of Roma and Ashkali communities in Kosovo society 2017-2021.

The purpose of the meetings is to coordinate the implementation of the activities of each sector through the sharing of information, enhancing cooperation and coordination between institutions and civil society, for an effective implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan.

During the meetings it was discussed that the OGG is at the end of the process for preparing the 2018 report on the implementation of the strategy. Data are provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Education and Technology, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Local Government Administration.

OGG, in order to be better informed about the situation on the ground, in cooperation with the MLGA visited 18 municipalities, respectively the Communities and Returns Office. These meetings were important to assess the real implementation of the local action plan regarding the strategy and challenges that each municipality faces during its implementation. Each municipality has a local action plan and has created a communal committee. These committees were created to collect data from all municipal directorates in one place and to report. Also, MLGA will publish a more specific report on the local level.

The ministry officials reported on the implementation of the activities according to the action plan, achievements and challenges encountered during 2018. Also, civil society members provided their input with information from the field.

In the end, all agreed that there are improvements and good implementation of the strategy, but more work needs to be done to involve the Roma and Ashkali communities in Kosovo society.