#MyVoteCounts is a campaign organized by KOSINT 2020 Network, which is a network of civil society organizations working for the inclusive participation of members of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the Kosovo society

The #MyVoteCounts campaign aims:

  1. to encourage Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian voters to participate in the elections and be part of the decision-making process.
  2. to take the pledge of candidates for deputy to meet the requirements that will affect the welfare of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities.

It is important to note that the #VoteImeKaWare campaign is focused on increasing the number of voters from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities but is not biased towards any particular party.

The increase in the number of voters will be done through conversations with members of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, which will also include the signatures of the statement, which we all unanimously request to meet the following requirements:

  • Increase the employment rate of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the local and central public sectors by at least 10% and proportionately to their share of the general population by 2022;
  • Increase the enrollment and completion rate of primary (90%) and secondary (50%) education of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities by 2022;
  • Budget allocation with specific codes in the local and central government to address the problems and priorities of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities by 2022.

By participating in the elections, communities increase the likelihood of fulfilling their collective interests, which will at the same time be part of the requirements for political parties in general and candidates for MPs in particular.

The greater the number of statements signed, that much more echoes this campaign will have, which can put more pressure on meeting these requirements from any of the candidates who win the election.

It does not matter who we vote for, but it is very important that we go out and vote. In addition to not allowing our vote to be abused, we have an obligation, a duty, but also a right to express our will and desire on October 06 on who should govern in Kosovo.

This campaign will continue the implementation also after the election, by demanding accountability from candidates who will govern the country to meet those requirements. With this we do not promise that these requirements will be met, but we will try to put as much pressure on them as possible in order for these requirments to be met.