Terre des hommes Kosovo

Terre des hommes Kosovo - Tdh, runs a project to better protect children against abuse, neglect, violence, delinquency, exploitation and trafficking.

Stengthening the child protection system – Tdh develops a network for child protection in 12 towns to protect the youngsters from all forms of abuse and neglect.

Inclusion of minorities – Tdh works towards the inclusion and improvement of the living conditions of the particularly vulnerable roma, ashkali and egyptian communities, through access to education, training and jobs.

The Child Hub – Formerly called the Regional Centre of Documentation for Child Protection, the Child Hub aims at developing a strong regional network of practices and innovations in Southeast Europe between the stakeholders who contribute directly to the development and implementation of child protection (professionals, universities, decision-makers, experts, users). The project is built around three types of intervention (knowledge management, capacity building and advocacy) with a regional network of professionals and agencies supported by an online platform. Thanks to the innovation fund of Tdh, a reference study will make it possible to establish a map of social assistance practices and any relevant gaps in knowledge, skills and environment in all the countries of intervention.