Meeting of Civil Society Organizations with Members of the Assembly of Kosovo

Meeting of Civil Society Organizations with Members of the Assembly of Kosovo

On 16.10.2018, in the Assembly of Kosovo, representatives of civil society such as:KOSINT network, The Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians, and TDH - Terre des hommes altogether with the MP of the Assembly of Kosovo held the first meeting of the constitution of the advocacy group deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo.

The purpose of the advocacy group is to help reduce the gap between different communities living in Kosovo, thus ensuring equal treatment of all through the creation of policies and advocacy for the application of current laws in force.

The advocacy group consists of these deputies: Mr. Driton Caushi, PSD, Mrs. Vjosa Osmani LDK, Mrs. Mimoza Kusari and Mr. Ilir Deda, Alternative of the King, Mrs.Donika Kada Bujupi, AAK, Mrs. Xhevahire Izmaku PDK, Mr.Glauk Konjuvca VV.

This deputy advocacy group is supporteb by the Ambassador of Finland in Kosovo, Pia Stjernvall and the Ambassador of Switzerland in Kosovo, Jean-Hubert Lebet.

At this meeting noted that the current situation of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities is quite alarming, and the creation of the advocacy group will help to create a more inclusive society in Kosovo.

Also, at this meeting MPs stressed that the role of the group is very important, and further more obligation to the communities.

At this meeting they agreed that the next steps will be focused primarily on the issue of education, continuing with the creation of employment opportunities for these communities and continuing with the essential issue of combating Anti-Gypsism.